Rec Tec Pellet Grills

Rec Tec grill review
After the Rec Tec grill reviews we did there is not much other to say than that these grills comes highly recommended by many users as a top rated pellet grill.

The quality of the used materials in the Rec Tec pellet grills in combination with the large hopper and great performance of the auger in combination with the controller, makes this Rec Tec pellet grill to what someone mentions a “grilling machine”.

Remember that all Rec Tec wood pellet grills need a 110 Volt GFCI outlet.

What impressed me most doing the Rec Tec Grill Review, was the state of the art temperature controller in this pellet smoker. Although Rec Tec claims a steady temperature range within 5 degrees of the set point we have read many times that it is actual within 2 degrees.

Table of Contents

1. Rec Tec grill reviews we did
2. Bull
3. Stampede
5. Trailblazer
6. Bullseye
7. Matador
8. BFG 2500
9. Wyldside
10. Chuckwagon
11. Beast RT-CMG
12. How does a Rec Tec Work
13. Our Opinion About Rec Tec Grills
14. FAQ And More
15. Where to buy Rec Tec grills

Rec Tec Reviews We Did

I did 4 models in this Rec Tec grills reviews for you. This will help you find the size and options you need for your type of grilling and smoking. I also added the camp stove Matador to it.
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Rec Tec Bull

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rec tec bull rt-700 review
This short look I did at the Rec Tec bull showed me that this is the most popular Rec Tec pellet grill.

Reason is the large grill surface and the option to add an extra shelf to even add more grill space to it.

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1. Features of the Bull
2. Bull Pros and Cons
3. Our opinion of the Rec Tec Bull

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The Rec Tec RT-680 have been one of the top wood pellet smokers and kind of the standard for other brands to follow. With the Rec Tec bull they have raised the bar again.

Features of the Rec Tec Bull

We have made a list of the main features of the RT-700 bull.

  • Stainless steel cooking chamber
  • 40 Lbs Hopper for long cooks
  • Wi-Fi technology
  • PID controller
  • Dual meat probes

These are just a few of the features that the Bull has to offer.
More features are that about all parts are made of Stainless steel including: Hopper lid, bucket hook, smoke stack cap, towel ring and the large controller shelf.
This means that is basically build from stainless steel from top to bottom and you never have to worry about cracking or peeling paint.


Rec Tec Bull Pros & Cons

pros of the rec tec bullPros:
The pros are obvious and that is the quality and the large size that will allow you to cook for a large group.

cons of the rec tec bullCons:
The cons might be the little steep price, but you get what you pay for.

Our Opinion Of The Rec Tec Bull

If you cook for multiple people or like to cook larger amounts this is the pellet grill to go for. A little higher in price than most other brands but I think that compared to the quality and what you get it is worth the money you pay for it.

Read the full Rec Tec Bull review here


Rec Tec Stampede

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rec tec stampede rt-590 review
The Rec Tec Stampede rt-590 shows us that it is what you could call a family size pellet grill with its 592 Sq inches. This might look small, but is big enough for even a large family. With the optional grate you can total the cooking space of the Stamped to 772 sq inches.
1. Features of the stampede
2. Stampede Pros and Cons
3. Our opinion of the Rec Tec Stampede

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Features of the Rec Tec Stampede

Although many of the features of the are the same as the bull there are a few differences.

  • PID controller
  • Wi-Fi technology
  • 30 Lbs hopper
  • 200-500 F temp. range
  • Extreme smoke setting under 200 F
  • Full setting for temp higher then 500F

One of the differences is that the Stampede rt-590 comes with 3 smoke vent holes and as far I understood and read this allows the heat to escape more evenly and improves an more even temperature in the grill.

just like the Bull the Stampede is made from stainless steel from top to bottom and this is almost a rule and no exception we found in most of the Rec Tec grill reviews we did.

Rec Tec Stampede Pros & Cons

pros of the rec tec stampedePros:
Not much more to add here than that this is a great grill with it so called family size. Controller got a lot of positive comments and like I mentioned PID is the top rated controller that is not used by many brands

cons of the rec tec stampedeCons:
Hard to find any complaints also because there are not too many Rec Tec stampede reviews available yet, but that will change fast and we will keep updating our reviews with them.

Our Opinion Of The Rec Tec Stampede

All the stainless steel components are in my opinion a big plus and with the use of a grill cover this grill will last for many years. The grill space is large enough for a normal family and can be upgraded with the optional extra grill grate.

Overall we could not find any negative points and can only recommend it as a good by and bang for your bucks! Unfortunately this pellet grill was not available in online stores for a long time but now it is and you can find it here: so you have to Rec Tec Stampede price.


Rec Tec Trailblazer

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rec tec trailblazer
One of the things we found aboout the Rec Tec trailblazer rt-340 is that this is the easiest to assemble Rec Tec.
1. Features of the Rec Tec trailblazer
2. Rec Tec trailblazer Pros and Cons
3. My opinion about the Rec Tec Trailblazer

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Main features of the trailblazer

  • 15 Lbs hopper
  • 340 sq inches grate (upgrade optional)
  • folding legs
  • Full setting for temp. above 500 degrees
  • Dual meat probes

Rec Tec Trailblazer Pros & Cons

pros of the rec tec trailblazerPros:
I read a few times that people switched from a big green egg to the trailblazer and never looked back.
cons of the rec tec trailblazerCons:
This pellet smoker is not been on the market to long so again finding to many negative news is hard.

My Opinion Of The Rec Tec Trailblazer

The trailblazer from Rec Tec is maybe more affordable for a lot of people.
Read the full Rec Tec Trailblazer review here and find out everything there is to know about this pellet grill.


Rec Tec Bullseye

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rec tec bullseye
First time I started reading about the Bullseye I thought it was gas and pellet powered but found out while doing the review that it gets so hot that it can be compared to a gas grill.
This is probably the cheapest Rec Tec grills you can buy.

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1. Bullseye Features
2. Pros and Cons of the bullseye
3. My opinion of the bullseye

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Features of the Rec Tec Bullseye

This is a simpler version of a Rec Tec grill and does not come with the PID controller. It comes with a knob to control the temperature and this also works automatically. No need to check the temperature all the time.

  • Dome thermometer
  • 200 – 550 Fahrenheit
  • Heats up fast
  • 15 Lb hopper
  • Weighs 55Lbs

The porcelain coated chamber is well insulated and in combination with the flame deflector this will help to keep the temperature steady and even in the cooker.
I personally like the porcelain cooking grates as you can read in many of my grill reviews I did.

Rec Tec Bullseye Pros & Cons

pros of the rec tec bullseyePros:
The Bullseye is the first wood pellet grill that offers the option to grill with the lid open and that is a big plus in my opinion and maybe the reason some people call it the Rec Tec BBQ.

With its 380 square inches you can cook a truck load of about 25 hamburgers at the same time. The porcelain coated grill grate makes some nice grill marks.

cons of the rec tec bullseyeCons:
There are not many cons but you just have to know that compared to the other Rec Tech grills we reviewed, the temperature is controlled by a knob and this might need some adjustments before you have it right.

It is depending on things like outside temperature and amount of meat you put on the grill how much adjustment you need to do. But it still works great compared to messing with charcoal and adjusting all the dampers.

My Opinion Of The Rec Tec Bullseye

This Bullseye is a very high quality grill just like all other Rec Tec’s.

It is however a simpler version so do not expect the same features.

I like this grill very much because you can crank it up pretty hot and use it with the lid open. This is not an option and any other wood pellet grill as far as I know, since you would loos to much temperature with the lid open all the time.

Rec Tec Matador

The Matador is not a pellet grill like the ones we reviewed here but I decided to have a good look at it since it can be great addition to your whole outdoor cooking. It works like any other camp-stove but is from a very good quality.
Reed my whole Rec Tec Matador review here.

Rec Tec BFG-2500

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This new model is pretty big and I am no sure but the BFG might stand for big friendly giant.
It is not available yet so there are no reviews, but just some news from Rec Tec itself.

Here is a video from the Rec Tec BFG:

Features of the BFG

  • 200-500 F
  • 53 Lbs hopper
  • 2535 square inches grill surface
  • 3 racks
  • Hydraulic lid

There is a lot more to tell of course and I will do that later. Just let you know this is not a cheap grill. It comes with a price tag of almost 2800 dollar.

Rec Tec Wyldside

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The wyldside is also new at the time of me writing this and again not much available. This is a so called Argentina style grill. Meaning that you can build a big fire and can lower or raise the grate.

Here is a video of the Wyldside:

Features were not easy to find on the website, but here are a few.

  • Rec Tec quality
  • Adjustable grill grate
  • About 580 Square inches grill grate
  • About 550 sq inch warmer holding place
  • Blower for air flow

As soon as I find more information I will add it here. The price on the website is just under 1700 dollar.

Rec Tec Chuckwagon

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The Chuckwagon is also new and again no reviews available. It seems to me that this is the beast mounted on a trailer.
Here is a video from their YouTube channel.

Features of the Chuck-wagon I was able to find:

  • About 1800 sq inch rack
  • About 580 sq inch second rack
  • 66 lbs hopper
  • 2 hydraulic lids
  • 2 meat probes

As soon as I can I will add more information here> Price I found is just under $11000.

Rec Tec Beast RT-CMG

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A new product again is the Rec Tec Beast. Just released and no reviews I could find yet.

Here is a video of the Rec Tec Beast.

Some of the features I found so far.

  • Dual 66 lbs hoppers
  • One 1800 sq inch rack
  • One 580 sq inch rack
  • Dual smoke stack
  • Dual meat probes

It looks to me that the beast is the home version of the chuckwagon with wheel under it instead of mounted on a trailer.

I just had a quick peek on it online and will ad a lot more information here later. The price I see on the website is just under $900.

How Does A REC TEC Grill Work?

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Rec Tec grills are very easy to use and all you basically have to do is flip a switch. There are still questions to be answered after doing our Rec Tec grills reviews and the question how a Rec Tec grill works was one we found many times. Here is the answer we found.
As soon as you turn on the grill the smart grill computer will start the ignition rod to light up the pellets that are fed in there from the hopper by the auger.
Sound complicated? Don’t worry the smart technology does it all for you!

This makes the grill to heat up to the temperature settings you have used and it begins to adjust the amount of pellets that it feeds to reach the desired temperature.

When it reaches that temperature it will automatically adjust the amount of pellets to assure that the temperature stays at that point and there will be enough smoke to give your meat that great taste.

Sometimes you have to open the grill to look or to maybe spray some juice on it. The Rec Tec Sensors recognize the drop in temperature by you opening the lid and instantly start to add more pellets to get the temperature back on the right setting.

After you close the lid it will adjust again and slow down the process of adding wood pellets to the auger.

My Opinion After Doing The Rec Tec Grill Reviews

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It is pretty simple to come to the conclusion after doing this Rec Tec pellet grills and smokers reviews that the Rec Tec pellet grills comes highly recommend.

The fact that the so called smart technology controller in the Rec Tec’s, keeps the temperature very accurate is off-course one of the best features of this pellet smoker.

They started with the Rec Tec 680 and improved this to the Bull and added some other models to their store. In fact if you look at average pellet grill ratings I have not been able to find higher ratings yet.

The high quality of the used materials received a lot of pros in the Rec Tec reviews and we are sure they will let you enjoy these grills for many years. Although for the most parts manufactured in China the quality did not change since the first Rec Tec rt-680 I had a good look at a long time ago.

There are people who like to know how do Rec Tec grills vs Traeger perform. I think what this grill separates himself from other brands like Traeger grills we reviewed is the way the Rec Tec controller takes care of the temperature setting.

Most pellet smokers add more or less pellets per so many seconds to keep the temperature steady and without to many fluctuations. They do this without measuring the actual temperature in the smoker.

Our Rec Tec grills reviews show however that Rec Tec grills increase or decreases the speed that the pellets are added depending on the real temperature in the smoker.

If the temperature is to high they add less pellets and when the temperature is to low they add more pellets. Like the cruise control in your car adds more or less fuel to keep the speed you set it on.

This makes the temperature control process very accurate because it use the real temperature and not some timing schedule to add pellets like used by other brands.

For the more technical readers here is a link to a website that explains what a => PID controller <=is like used in the Rec Tec pellet smoker.

What I also think is a great plus is that the seems are all welded and caulked to make this grill “air tight”.

In case of a problem with the RecTec pellet grill the customer service is mentioned as top notch and great to work with. Replacement parts are shipped very fast and the over the phone help is great.

The fact is that most, if not all, parts are made of high quality stainless steel is a very high scoring point and will keep your grill going for many years


Rec Tec Trouble Shooting

Although there are not many problems we found for the Rec Tec pellet grills we still have to keep in mind that there are electronics involved and electric powered parts. This means that something can go wrong. This is pretty simple.

I found a video on how to test the Rec Tec controller since this will probably give you the best indication what can be wrong in case of a problem.

There are more videos on the Rec Tec YouTube channel with dozens of Rec Tec trouble shooting videos and also recipes and tips on how to use any Rec Tec pellet grill.

If you still have problems with your Rec Tec wood pellet grill, I found that the Rec Tec customer service is one of the best you can deal with.

In case of any problem like temperature problems the Rec Tec replacement parts are shipped very fast and I have read stories that depending on the problem and the age of the grill they even send it for free. Now that is what I call customer service.

I still believe that if there were more buying choices for Rec Tec wood pellet grill it might lower the price with more competition.


FAQ and More About Rec Tec

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We have found several questions doing the Rec Tec grills reviews about the Rec Tec pellet grills and try to answer them below. If you have any question feel free to contact us and we will do our best to find the answer for you.

How To Clean a Rec Tec Grill

Cleaning is not our most favorite things as grillers, but it is part of the whole grilling and smoking experience.

Cleaning a Rec Tec is no to hard. When you look at this video it will show you an easy way to do that. It is the old 680 model that is updated with the Rec Tec RT-700 Bull but the principal stays the same.


Where are Rec Tec grills made?

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Every Rec Tec wood pellet grill is basically made in China with some parts that are made in the USA. This is done under very strict rules that will ensure the high quality and is done without compromising to the Rec Tec companies high standards.

Rec Tec is using the same manufacturers now for 8-9 years. Rec Tec customer support wrote us that the assembly and testing however is done in Augusta GA.

Where To Buy Rec Tec Grills

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This was one of the questions we found while doing the Rec Tec grills reviews. Many people wonder where to buy Rec Tec pellet grills because there are no Rec Tec dealers.

The easiest way to buy Rec Tec grills is online through one of the links on this Rec Tec grill review page. We have tried to find the best prices for you.

The second way to order a Rec Tec is directly on their website. The Rec Tec free shipping option is available at both of the ways to buy a Rec Tec.

Rec Tec Grill Price

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Yes, pellet grill prices are higher than a regular grill. Reason is the used technology and in case of the Rec Tec grill, the used materials. This justifies in my opinion the price.

If you look at what this pellet grill brand offers and what we read in the Rec Tec grill review, I think the price is actually reasonable.

Taking in consideration there is no shipping fee like many other brands have and it is shipped right top your door that is a big pro in my opinion.
The Rec Tec free shipping is as far as I know for many buyers still one of the reason to buy a Rec Tec.

Rec Tec has a few models and the price ranges from model to model. The bigger Bull is more expensive than the smaller Bullseye grill. It is very important to choose the model that fits your way of grilling. By choosing the right size you also save on the user of the pellets of course.

In general I suggest to shop around and click on our links where I think we found the best prices for the Rec Tec Pellet grills.

Rec Tec financing

The Rec Tec company offers financing on many of their what I call high end pellet grills. You can visit their website for more information because if I tell you here they might have changed the program or interest rates and I don’t want you to get mad at me.

At the moment of this writing I see thing like 6 months with no interest on all models and of-course their free shipping.

10 Things To Know Before You Buy a Rec Tec

Although this video is a little older it is still very up to date. They show the Rec Tec 680 that is replaced by the Rec Tec bull.
Only thing they mention they will never add a remote control but they have added an app for the Rec Tec Grills.

If you still have questions about wood pellet smokers and what to look for before buying on feel free to contact me and I will try to find the answers.

I know these Rec Tec grill reviews are far from complete and I will probably keep adding content to it in the near future.
There are too many things to mention and explain about these what people also call electric wood pellet grills that I can make a whole new website about it.

Feel free to contact me with any question or if you think we left something out of this Rec Tec grill reviews and you think that should be included.

If for some reason you think after reading the Rec Tec pellet grill reviews this is not your brand, have a look at all our other pellet smoker reviews at the menu on our homepage we did.

Happy Grilling

Eddie Vandam

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