My Cat is Happy and so am I

As you might have figured out by my writing or from my about page I am a young person.

That means that I have a lot to write about and share my experience with the internet.

close up of my cat Mr. Cat

Today I like to write about my cat. I had no idea what to name him so I call him Mr. Cat.

My apartment is no that big and I had a hard time finding a good cat litter box that did not needed to much floor space.

I started with just a regular cat box but that one did not last too long. Mr. Cat made a big mesh and I spend more time cleaning up cat litter than doing anything else.

After looking around for a while I found a cat litter box with a lid on it and that helped out pretty well. But it was big an bulky on the limited floor space I have.

Back to the drawing board!

I had to come up with a better solution to have to litter box eat up too much room. I have been moving it around from place to place and by doing that confused Mr. Cat several times.

I did not know that cats are such creatures of habits!

Bur after asking around and visiting a few per stores I had an idea but had to do a little more research.

Reason to get the laptop out and start digging around on the internet to see if my idea was a good one.

I started looking and found some great reviews of a corner litter box and if you click on the link you can see why I liked the idea.

corner litter box

As you can see this was the perfect solution for my problem. It fitted right in the corner of my apartment and in that way it was out of the way.

No more bumping in a cat litter box in the middle of the night and it still came with a cover so that Mr. Cat did not kick out all the litter.

In the near future I will probably take some nice pictures of Mr. Cat and the new litter box.

But for now I can only say that my cat is happy and so am I


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