How I Shop For Presents

ideas to shop for presents

As you all know we live in difficult times at this moment. The Covid-19 virus has changed my life in may aspects.

I do not like to complain too much and will not too into detail on how it affected my life. I wrote about buying food online in this post already.

There is, however, one thing I like to talk about and how it actually affected my life kind of in a positive way.

Life has change but some things just do not change. Birthdays, anniversary, graduations and all the other things we celebrate kept going on and we need to adapt to this.

When I was confronted with a few birthdays and lets not forget mothers day last month I had no idea what to do about shopping for presents for these occasions.

But I decided to do what most of us do in this type of situation and I asked my good friend Google to help me find a solution for this minor problem.

What I found is that there are stores where you can find presents and order them online. But this was old news and I new that already. Just like most of us and I talk about stores like Amazon and other large big box stores.

This was, however, not what I was looking for. I always like to add a little personal note to the presents I give. After more Googling, I found the solution.

The website I found gave me a ton of ideas for personalized gifts and where to buy them. That website was and I love it.

What I liked the most last month when I found it that it was just in time for Mothersday and I found some great tips and ideas.

You can have a look at some of the personalized gifts for mothers day when you click on that link.

The reason I am sharing all these little things in my life here on my website is that I like to show that this whole strange life we are living now is not all negative. There are several things that have changed in my life that I experience as a positive change.

I spend more time at home with my family and am enjoying that. I actually never realized how busy my life was until I was “forced” to slow down.

Let me know in the comments or just by contacting me what your thoughts are on this. I bet I am not the only one that experienced changes that are not always are negative in their lives.


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