How I Shop For Presents

ideas to shop for presents

As you all know we live in difficult times at this moment. The Covid-19 virus has changed my life in may aspects.

I do not like to complain too much and will not too into detail on how it affected my life. I wrote about buying food online in this post already.

There is, however, one thing I like to talk about and how it actually affected my life kind of in a positive way.

Life has change but some things just do not change. Birthdays, anniversary, graduations and all the other things we celebrate kept going on and we need to adapt to this.

When I was confronted with a few birthdays and lets not forget mothers day last month I had no idea what to do about shopping for presents for these occasions.

But I decided to do what most of us do in this type of situation and I asked my good friend Google to help me find a solution for this minor problem.

What I found is that there are stores where you can find presents and order them online. But this was old news and I new that already. Just like most of us and I talk about stores like Amazon and other large big box stores.

This was, however, not what I was looking for. I always like to add a little personal note to the presents I give. After more Googling, I found the solution.

The website I found gave me a ton of ideas for personalized gifts and where to buy them. That website was and I love it.

What I liked the most last month when I found it that it was just in time for Mothersday and I found some great tips and ideas.

You can have a look at some of the personalized gifts for mothers day when you click on that link.

The reason I am sharing all these little things in my life here on my website is that I like to show that this whole strange life we are living now is not all negative. There are several things that have changed in my life that I experience as a positive change.

I spend more time at home with my family and am enjoying that. I actually never realized how busy my life was until I was “forced” to slow down.

Let me know in the comments or just by contacting me what your thoughts are on this. I bet I am not the only one that experienced changes that are not always are negative in their lives.


Can Earthing Heal You?

finger touching a globe

The Earth resembles an immense battery that contains a characteristic, unpretentious electrical charge—an extraordinary sort of vitality present in the ground.

For security and soundness, most everything in the electrical world is associated with it, regardless of whether it is an electric force plant or your fridge. That is the thing that the expression “grounded” signifies. 

Logical research over 10 years shows that your body can be ensured and helped—and that you feel much improved—when you electrically reconnect to the Earth.

That is the point at which you are grounded. Here are three instances of potential advantages that have been accounted for in these examinations.

There are many earthing products available to help you out.

Reduced Stress Levels

When grounded, the diurnal cadence of the pressure hormone, cortisol, starts to standardize. Cortisol is associated with your body’s pressure reaction and assists control with blooding sugar levels, directs digestion, lessens aggravation, and helps with memory plan.

Notwithstanding a standardization of the cortisol cadence, members right now rested better and woke up feeling progressively revived.

Improved Circulation

At the point when you are grounded, your dissemination improves, supporting in the conveyance of oxygen and supplements to the tissues in your body, including better blood stream to your face.

Reduces Inflammation

To lay it out plainly, it’s idea that the inundation of free electrons from Earth’s surface assistance to kill free radicals and decrease both intense and constant aggravation and quickened maturing.

Specialists on earthling and establishing accept that this training can help improve the course, which means you’re better ready to disseminate supplements all through your body and furthermore do waste and poisons. Truth be told, improved flow can tremendously affect the body from multiple points of view — from boosting vitality levels to diminishing growth.

The explanation we need to eat a lot of high-cell reinforcement nourishments is a similar explanation we need to work on earthling. Cancer prevention agent electrons in your body help guarantee harm from free radicals doesn’t gain out of power and lead to elevated levels of irritation and quicker maturing, much the same as mitigating nourishments do.

Fundamentally, the free or portable electrons from the earth can resolve interminable irritation by filling in as normal cancer prevention agents!

Helps Reduce Stress Hormones

Constant pressure can murder your personal satisfaction, as you’ve most likely experienced firsthand. Yet, fortunately, time spent in nature can truly help invert certain sentiments of stress and tension.

One twofold visually impaired examination that explored the impacts of earthling on 58 healthy grown-ups utilized conductive cement patches put on the bottom of every member’s foot to peruse their electrical signs.

The subjects were presented to 28 minutes in the uncovered condition followed by 28 minutes with the earthing wire associated. Controls were uncovered for 56 minutes. 

In the wake of an earthling, about a large portion of the subjects demonstrated “an unexpected, practically prompt change in root mean square estimations of electroencephalograms (EEGs) from the left side of the equator of the cerebrum.” These progressions are accepted to imply positive changes and lower pressure responses.

Can Help You Sleep Better

Interfacing the human body to the earth during rest (earthing) standardizes the day by day cortisol beat and improves rest designs. This is a direct result of the impacts that pressure hormones have on your common circadian beat, vitality and capacity to rest adequately. 

It’s suggested that the world’s “diurnal electrical rhythms” set the organic tickers for hormones that direct rest and movement. We’ve all had the experience of hurling and turning in bed, incapable to nod off because of hustling contemplations.

Electrically and synthetically, poor rest is regularly an indication of high-pressure hormones like cortisol. By bringing down our response to distressing occasions in our lives, we can fall and stay unconscious all the more no problem at all.

Can Help Increase Energy

Numerous individuals have discovered that earthling or establishing can improve their vitality or battle second rate continuous weakness. This can be one symptom of showing signs of improvement rest yet additionally be because of enhancements in hormones and lower levels of aggravation.

Can Help Lower Pain

Irritation is a significant wellspring of agony, since it expands growing, solidness, decreased versatility and distortion. Irritation in the joints and tissues are the primary driver of agony related with ceaseless conditions like joint inflammation.

I have to tell you that I did a lot of research for this article and at first I was very skeptical about the benefits of earthing.

By reading more on certain established websites I realize that this earthing is a real thing and that without knowing it we have done it for centuries.

Have a look at it and see what it can do for you.


Buying Food Online

2 salted teaks on a table

We all have a busy life and like to have more time to spend at home or with family and friends.

One of my most time consuming things is not my job. That is also something I do not have any influence on.

I have to be there at a certain time and can leave, most of the time, at the same time. It, however, takes up a large part of the 24 hours there are in a day.

With commuting back and forth I spend almost 12 hours a day on my job.

  • 8 hours working
  • 1 hour lunch
  • 1/2 hour coffee breaks
  • 2 hour traveling

This only leaves me 12 hours a day for myself. If I try to sleep 8 hours I only got 4 hours left on an average weekday.

After realizing this I thought it was time to have a look on how I could spend the time I had left as efficient as possible to do the things I had to do to be able to have more time left for a private life.

I decided to do more shopping online and have it delivered to my doorsteps. Since I like a good piece of meat this was my first step to have a look at.

One of the things I always do is finding reviews online and that is how I got started this time also.

I found a few reviews and of them was on a website about grilling and you can find it here:

After that one that looked good already, I looked a little further and found a few more. There were some that were that pushed too much and were not really unbiassed and only mentioned pros and no cons.

Than I stumbled upon another one and this is what I found.

I found the best Snake River Farms Review here online and decided to go for that company first after reading this.

Although a lot of people mention that it is better to eat grass-finished beef, and maybe they are right, I found the prices a little to high for my wallet at this time.

Maybe in the future I will switch, but for testing an online meat store like the Snake river farms I decides to start with grass-fed beef first.

I ordered a few steaks to treat myself in the weekends and some hamburger meat for work days. I also did not want to spend too much time grilling out on work days.

The quality of the ground beef was very good and it looked and tasted better than the meat I bought at a local supermarket on my way home from work.

I used it in spaghetti and a hamburger steak with some good brown gravy and both dishes tasted better in my opinion.

The steak I grilled on Saturday was a Ribeye steak that weight about 10 ounces. I did not season it until it was done to make sure that i tasted the meat and not just the seasoning.

I am, I think, pretty good at grilling and outdoor cooking and slapped it on my charcoal grill.

  • 2 minutes on one side
  • Turn 90 degreees
  • 2 more minutes
  • Turn it over
  • 2 minutes
  • Turn 90 degrees
  • 2 more minutes

This is the way I grill my steaks in general and by doing it this way I get some nice grill marks.

Now for the taste test! I was surprised by the taste in general and have to admit that it tasted awesome. After a few bites I decided to add some salt an pepper and that was all it needed for me.

After this test I have decided to use the Snake River Farms more and to start testing more online meat services. I asked friends and family if they had any experience and they gave some other company names that I will test and write about here.

I like the fact that it save me time but the most important thing was the great taste of the meat.

It came right to my door and was still solid frozen and this made it easy for me to store in in my freezer til I need it it.

Now I have a good experience with buying meat online I will start looking at other food delivery options and write about it here on my website.


My Cat is Happy and so am I

As you might have figured out by my writing or from my about page I am a young person.

That means that I have a lot to write about and share my experience with the internet.

close up of my cat Mr. Cat

Today I like to write about my cat. I had no idea what to name him so I call him Mr. Cat.

My apartment is no that big and I had a hard time finding a good cat litter box that did not needed to much floor space.

I started with just a regular cat box but that one did not last too long. Mr. Cat made a big mesh and I spend more time cleaning up cat litter than doing anything else.

After looking around for a while I found a cat litter box with a lid on it and that helped out pretty well. But it was big an bulky on the limited floor space I have.

Back to the drawing board!

I had to come up with a better solution to have to litter box eat up too much room. I have been moving it around from place to place and by doing that confused Mr. Cat several times.

I did not know that cats are such creatures of habits!

Bur after asking around and visiting a few per stores I had an idea but had to do a little more research.

Reason to get the laptop out and start digging around on the internet to see if my idea was a good one.

I started looking and found some great reviews of a corner litter box and if you click on the link you can see why I liked the idea.

corner litter box

As you can see this was the perfect solution for my problem. It fitted right in the corner of my apartment and in that way it was out of the way.

No more bumping in a cat litter box in the middle of the night and it still came with a cover so that Mr. Cat did not kick out all the litter.

In the near future I will probably take some nice pictures of Mr. Cat and the new litter box.

But for now I can only say that my cat is happy and so am I


Grills – What You Must Know About Them

Grills, BBq’s, Smokers or any other type of grills. There is a lot to know before you can buy or start using one.

Here are some tips.

Barbecuing is not as simple as putting meat on a stick and roasting it over a fire. This may work well with marshmallows in bonfires. Meats are a different story and need much more and take longer to prepare!

If you want to make terrific barbecues, you should have the equipment that will help you assembled a mean barbecue meal. Like many items in the market, there are barbecue devices that can be purchased low-cost. Since you’ll never ever understand simply how it will carry out, you ought to however be mindful with these kinds of items.

If you are really serious in making barbecues, you need to purchase devices that are costlier. By doing this, you can be ensured of utilizing it for a very long time.

bbq trailer

One piece of equipment that is currently a permanent component in any barbecue party is the BBQ grill on a trailer. Grills are utilized to prepare the meat.

charcoal grill

When prepared in charcoal, the flavor is likewise more authentic. This is why most chefs prefer these sort of grills in spite of the reality that it can be strongly inconvenient, slow and untidy.

gas grills

Another type of grill is the one that uses either natural gas or lp. Gas grills in America frequently have covers that keep the heat inside while Australian gas grills do not have covers and will let you cook food directly over the flame.

If you choose on to buy gas grills, one thing though that you need to take note in purchasing barbecue grills is the reality that you will need a lot of space. Unlike charcoal grills that you can place virtually anywhere, gas grills take up a lot of space.

Another type of grill is the electric grill, which is often found in outdoor patios. What is great about pellet grills is that they can smoke and grill at the same time.

One piece of devices that is currently an irreversible component in any barbecue party is the grill. Gas grills in America often have lids that keep the heat inside while Australian gas grills do not have covers and will let you cook food directly over the flame.

Electric grills

Another type of grill is the electric grill, which is often discovered in outdoor patios. What is excellent about electric grills is that they can smoke and grill at the same time.


Taking Dinner Outdoors? Americans Get Their Grills On

While almost everybody in America grills, not everybody is comfy grilling more than the fundamentals. Here’s a technique to barbecuing you can “steak” your track record on:

get the grill outCommunity supermarket can assist make the outside cooking experience easier by supplying whatever a griller requires under one roof. Great Grilling program features dishes, tools and top quality components for families that wish to create tasty meals on the grill, and their Rancher’s Reserve beef is ensured tender. The recipes were developed in the test cooking areas of Sunset magazine to make it much easier for consumers to grill up a meal on the spur of the minute.

Whether using a charcoal or gas grill, having the right accessories on hand produces safe and simple grilling-and even simpler cleanup. A large spatula, extra-long tongs, a long-handled brush and a spray bottle with water are the foundation and utensil for a great griller’s tool set.

Direct-heat grilling is best for thin cuts of meat that cook quickly. It gets them perfectly browned on the outdoors in the short time they require to get carried out in the middle. Here’s a proven dish using direct-heat barbecuing:

Flank Steak with Green Olive-Jalapeño Tapenade

A Mediterranean-inspired tapenade is a flavorful addition to this tender flank steak.

Preparation time: About 20 minutes

Grill time: 13 to 17 minutes, plus 5 minutes to rest off the grill

Makes: 4 portions

  • 1 container (4.5 oz.) Safeway Select Stuffed Jalapeño Olives, drained
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled
  • 1 cup coarsely chopped Italian parsley
  • 2 tablespoons fresh rosemary leaves
  • 1 tablespoon grated lemon peel
  • 1/4 cup Safeway Select Verdi Olive Oil
  • 1 Rancher’s Reserve Flank Steak (about 11/2 pound.).

Steps to take

1. Prepare barbecue grill and preheat for direct-heat cooking. For charcoal grill, prior to you put the grill over the cinders, brush it with a medium coat of oil; for gas grill, when hot, brush grill with a medium coat of oil.

Integrate olives, garlic, parsley, rosemary, lemon peel and oil in a food processor and pulse until mix forms a great paste. Set aside 1/2 cup of the tapenade mix for flavoring meat; reserve rest for serving or another use.

3. Wash flank steak and pat dry. With the idea of a sharp knife, make shallow diagonal cuts about 1 inch apart over one side of steak, then make cuts perpendicular to the first to create a diamond pattern. Repeat on the other side of the steak.

4. Spread 1/2 cup of the olive mixture on both sides of steak to coat uniformly.

5. Lay steak on oiled grill over a strong bed of cinders or high heat on a gas grill. Keep charcoal grill uncovered; close lid on gas grill. Prepare steak till browned on the bottom (lift edge with tongs to examine), 8 to 10 minutes. With tongs or a large spatula, turn steak and continue to cook till done as preferred, about 2 minutes longer for rare (red in the center; cut to test) or 4 minutes longer for medium-rare (pink in center).

6. Transfer steak to a clean platter or rimmed carving board and let rest about 5 minutes, then cut in thin, slanting pieces throughout the grain to serve. Deal remaining tapenade to add to the meat to taste.

Drink tips: A spicy, plummy zinfandel; a hoppy, English-style pale ale; or peppermint iced tea.

Tools: Grater (for peel), strainer or colander, determining spoons and cups, food mill, paper towels, sharp knife, spatula for dispersing, heatproof brush for oiling grill, tongs or wide spatula, platter or rimmed carving board.

The Great Grilling program at Safeway features dishes, tools and high-quality ingredients for families that desire to create tasty meals on the grill, and their Rancher’s Reserve beef is ensured tender. The recipes were developed in the test kitchens of Sunset magazine to make it simpler for shoppers to barbecue up a meal on the spur of the minute.

For a charcoal grill, before you put the grill over the hot coals, brush it with a medium coat of oil; for a gas grill, when hot, brush grill with a medium coat of oil. Make sure to adhere to the food safety tips we wrote.

Lay steak on oiled grill over a solid bed of hot coals or high heat on a gas grill. Keep charcoal grill uncovered; close lid on gas grill.

lately, there are more people who are interested in pellet grills and I found a great article and republished it here on the website for you.


Food Safety Tips

Safety tips for food preparation

food preparation tipsThere is an old English saying “Food cooked with passion and served with love tastes divine.” Trust me, it is true even today! Every food enthusiast (like you and me) is well aware that the soul of any good recipe resides in the right blend of spices and fresh natural ingredients. But we might sometimes miss upon an even more important ingredient while cooking food, and which more often than not tampers with the soul of our recipe. Yes, I am talking about food safety & hygiene. One has to be very careful while handling food and maintain the highest level of hygiene and food safety in our kitchen and home.

Food contamination can occur at any stage, be it harvesting, processing, preparation, storage or transportation. Food-borne diseases are often common where low standards of hygiene are used. According to data released by World Health Organization, every year food borne disease causes almost one in ten people to fall ill. These diseases can be deadly especially in children.

There are a few basic rules to be followed while handling food:

  • Clean: Wash hands and surfaces often.
  • Separate: Don’t cross-contaminate.
  • Cook: Cook to the right temperature.
  • Chill: Refrigerate promptly.

Clean: Wash hands and surfaces often.

One must wash one’s hands thoroughly with soap before coming in contact with food. This eliminates transfer of germs from your hands to the food. One must wash all vegetables and fruits with cold water before using them. Kitchen counters and surfaces are the key places which if dirty can contaminate food. These places must be sanitized thoroughly along with equipment used for preparing food.

In case you are sick or down with cold and flu you must avoid cooking and handling food. When someone has the symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting or jaundice, they should stay away from the workplace. And if they have a sore throat and fever, they should be restricted from preparing and serving food.This is alarming because these people potentially could have spread disease to the people who consume the foods their establishments were serving. Martin Bucknavage, extension food-safety specialist says,”Foodborne pathogens such as Norovirus, Hepatitis A and Shigella often are spread by sick workers to restaurant patrons through the food.” These recommendations are not just for foodservice or retail food establishments but also for people who cook for their families and those who work in child care or elder-care facilities. The use of hand sanitizers and tissue paper should be encouraged in all age groups.

Separate: Don’t cross-contaminate.

To avoid cross contamination keep raw and cooked foods separate when storing and preparing. Food should be stored in covered containers in the fridge and put raw meats and poultry in the bottom of the fridge so the juices don’t contaminate food on lower shelves. Don’t put cooked meat back on the plate the raw meat was on.

Cook: Cook to the right temperature.

safety cooking tipsIf you eat poultry, seafood and meat on the grill or in the oven, you must be careful while cooking them. They should be cooked thoroughly at right temperatures before eating. In order to confirm, insert a skewer in the center of the meat and check that there is no pink meat. The juices must run clear. Those are the signs of well cooked meat. In case raw meat is consumed it can lead to food poisoning.

In the past few years microwaves are being used in our kitchens to cook and reheat food. You can cover your food with food wrapping paper of a good quality, which prevents the food from drying out on reheating. Make sure the reheated food is piping hot and the steam is coming out of it. This means you have eliminated the risk of bacteria and other pathogens.

Chill: Refrigerate promptly.

If you are to store your raw food in fridge, wrap it with a food wrapping paper which can absorb the moisture and prevents the dripping of juices and keep it at a temperature lower than 5 degree Celsius. You can help keep your family safe from food poisoning at home. Cold temperatures slow the growth of illness causing bacteria. So it’s important to chill food promptly and properly. Refrigerate perishable foods within two hours.
Healthy and hygienic food habits can avert a lot of food borne diseases. These habits should be inculcated in your daily lifestyle and should be taught to kids as well. It’s the small steps which go a long way and make a big difference in your holistic well being.

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